Michael Acker
Al Allen
Anders Barth
Keith Bickford
Rusty Cantor
Kati Casida
Aileen Cormack
Arabella Decker
Robert Fallon
Helen Feyler-Switz
Bonnie Fry
Marianna Goodheart
Kristin Gudjonsdottir
Tibor Hajagos
Sherman Hay
Margaret Herscher
Al Honig
William Iaculla
Tim Jag
Patricia Keefe
John McMahon
David Mudgett
Peter Olsen
Allen Pufahl
John Random
Paul Sable
Elizabeth Saltos
Amelia Solomon
Larry Stefl
Leitha L. Thrall
Marian View

All PRSG Members were asked to pick their best sculpture, to chose their best slide and to write their best artist statement relating directly to their submission.
This exhibit presents the best of PRSG as viewed through the eyes of its own members that answered the call for entries.
The PRSG WebCom scanned in the slides, sized the pictures as needed, typed in the statements and designed the Web pages.