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Larry Stefl

Hilo Chant
© 1996
(H: 21", W: 21", D: 3.5"
cast paper & bees wax)

I am a practicing artist/teacher with my Masters in Fine Art and Masters in Art from the University of California at Berkeley. My art has been shown in over 50 exhibitions in the last fifteen years throughout northern and southern California, Nevada and Japan.

As a sculptor, I am attracted to the natural and organic qualities of working in cast paper. My present body of work from the last ten years is from a "Chant Series" which I view as a visual chant and stems from an interest in zen and travels to Japan, Nepal and Bali. These influances are combined with concerns for the interaction of color with three dimensional form and recycling the found object through the casting process.

In the last year, I have added bees wax to the cast paper to highlight color and texture. Also, I use the bees wax as a compositional element with a layered pouring and dripping of shapes that contrasts with the paper surface. The cast paper works are sculptural wall pieces that have a flowing sense of color juxtaposed with organic and geometric shapes and rich textures.

As a practicing Jazz guitaris, I bring a sense of improvisation to the working process and a lyrical quality to the work. My aim in working with the ancient paper pulp medium is to evoke a personal form of expression that radiates a sense of the spiritual and nourishes the soul.