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Michael Acker

Water Tample #4
© 1997
(H: 69", W: 18", D: 13" concrete, water, pump)
My art starts in my senses. My senses are directed at my immediate enviroment: the sky, the land, the city, buildings, bridges, cracks in the sidewalk. All These things have meaning in a way that is misterious. What I see, hear, touch and smell creates emotions, and is the starting place for understanding of the mistery. I express my developing understanding best by building three dimensional things. Very soon, the objects I build, if they are successful, take on lives of their own. Glynn Williams has called this "...the fundamental ingredient of sculpture: transformation." If the sculpture is successful it is knowledge and I think of it as "authentic.". Sculpture is knowledge that can only be expressed in three dimensional form.
One way I can test the possible truth of my work is to receive the reactions of other people. This is a very important part of the continuing process of art for me. It is where my now-autonomous objects return to the world.