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Application for Support to Defray the Cost of Artist Models

The following is an on-line application for financial assistance to fund one type of art making activity. Fulfillment would support one or two years of this one activity. To prevent gluttony, this page will disappear upon fulfillment of requested assistance., the site you are visiting right now, stipulates that prices not be indicated within participating artist websites. Because of this, the only way that I can indicate the amount requested is with the following thinly veiled code:

Amount (range) requested:

$_,000.00 - $_,000.00

To Rebecca Alzofon:

I have the financial resources to grant your wish.
Let's get started ! ! !

Other Proposals:

Major Projects
The Ballet (Sneak Preview)

The Ballet !!!

First, A Little Fun -- having it my way.

Test by Fire
Bold, but why not? -- An application for grant writing services with a specific goal in mind.

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