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Opening night at the Paris Opera. (enlargement) Imaginary event digitally created (heavily modified 19th century lithograph) by Rebecca Alzofon.

A full-length ballet by Rebecca Alzofon

Why a Ballet?

Why would a painter write a full-length ballet?

Listening to music adds ideas for painting. It's been especially good for the paintings about Nature's betrayal. One day I noticed that Beethoven's The Creatures of Prometheus - had ideal elements for a set of paintings I was making, so I wrote notes about each movement for later reference...

Because the music was composed for a ballet, The Creatures of Prometheus - has a narrative quality; and because of my thematic motive, the notes I took revealed a compelling story with a beginning, middle and end. I realized that I had conceived an amazing ballet of great emotion and power. I shared the vision with others, and they were stirred as well.

The ballet deserves a chance to be seen. But, one might ask, how could an actual presentation be accomplished?

...In 1993, my ballet was formally presented to an international ballet company.
You may wonder:

These topics are the subject for further elaboration...

The Ballet presentation is now available to see -- SEE BELOW

...And it is at this moment

that the most guarded and fragile

spirit of all Philemonia appears.

Her name is Harmony, and Jedermann

falls instantly in love with her. Now that he

is practiced she will dance with him, and

how they dance together! Alone she

demonstrates incomprehensible feats of

soulful balance. In his arms, she is

completely confident. Now we watch awhile

as we are transported to the farthest reaches

of joy and love for Nature's beauty.

But, wait. Could they be leaving?

The young man realizes Harmony is

withdrawing from the dance, as several

have already before her. Still, none have

actually left. In fact, they are all still here,

as here they have truly always been.

Harmony, knowing of Jedermann's love,

returns to show that she and her friends of

the enchanted forest will always be.

Sensing her special place in his heart, she

induces the others to join in a gracious

ceremonial promise of eternal love. In

turns, singly and in small groups, the spirits

offer their lovestruck dancer small gifts,

reminders of hope and fidelity, tender

tokens from their hearts - a piece of bark,

a stone, a thistle, flowers. Finally, the young

man stands holding his gifts as he watches

beautiful Harmony withdraw to the edge of

the clearing; always in view, they wistfully

wave to each other.

"These spirits," the young man wonders.

"Are they in the forest when I'm not here?

Or do they appear only when I seek them?"

"Are these spirits actually me?"

Fully transformed, glowing in pure white

light, the enraptured young man closes his

eyes and presses his gifts to his face.

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