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Academic Figure Workshops
& Skill Clinics

Here, find some up-close details of some of my paintings (and one drawing), and some discussion to augment the content of the American Artist article, January 2002 issue, on my portrait painting.
Painterly Techniques

American Artist
Magazine discusses a few
of my painting techniques


Every time I bring out my book of black and white chalk on blue paper academies by Prud'hon, I get excited, my students get excited, everybody gets excited. So I thought I would get you excited too:
Pierre-Paul Prud'hon

An Investigation into the Technique of a Great 19th Century Draughtsman


Here's the first lesson that went up in the Academy:
Color Drawing - Head

My local art supply store gave me a fun project:
Recommend two eight-piece pastel sets -- one for portrait and one landscape. Then, explain why I picked those colors.
Design Two Small Pastel Sets

In this ever-expanding lesson, we will explore shade, light, reflection and other tone related influences on our perception of form.
Shade, Light & Form Modeling

I teach life drawing. Here is some of the information I cover on the first day of class.
Lesson I: Gesture - The Foundation of Figurative Art

Can't figure out how to get dramatic distance shifts in your paintings? Play with some of these ideas.
Spatial Relationships in Landscape Painting

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