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Application for Grant-Writing Services to Apply for...
An Emerging Artist Project &Venue Award

I, Rebecca Alzofon, seek full financial and tactical support for the creation of an application for an artist introduction show at either the Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art or Yerba Buena Center.

The application will include a request for a grant to paint new works (now in the planning stage) to be included in the proposed show.

From the date the venue award is granted, the proposed show will take place within a preparation period of one to two years. The preparation period will be fully funded. Therefore, the target is a one to two year grant.

Expert consultation and writing in the grant application process will be provided. All costs incurred during the grant application process will be fully covered by donation and/or grant.

The grant writer will seek to gain support for development and display of:

  1. The existing book-as-art ballet proposal with additional supporting installations, events and printed materials.

  2. A set of allegorical figure paintings (some studies), to be made in continuation of the theme concept that inseminated the ballet project.

  3. A set of portrait niches, made in honor of living "spiritual" people in natural settings.

  4. During the one to two year preparation, there will be on-line updates of the developing project.

How my (artist's) time will be spent during the grant supported period:

  1. Painting, with its necessary support activities.

  2. In committee, assisting in the delegation of tasks for the content and writing of the grant application, as well as for the installations, events and printed materials.

  3. Creating on-line reports.

What I (the artist) will provide to the grant-writing process:

  1. Informative and persuasive plan sketches, studies and other visual support work.

  2. Concept and consultations.

  3. A cooperative spirit, flexibility and availability.

To Rebecca Alzofon:

I have the expert and financial resources to grant your wish.
Let's get started ! ! !

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