Major Proposals -- The Ballet

How this Ballet will be produced...

What exactly IS the proposal?

This is a proposal
for a brand new full length ballet.

The proposal takes an unprecedented form:
a four piece book-as-art system comprising the book, folio, narration, and voice over music tape sampler. These handmade pieces have the magic allure of texture, color, smell, sound and a rich attention to detail.

During presentation, the reader is immediately transported to a state of inspired awe (really), and a compelling desire to do something. . .

What is the heart of the proposal?

The Book

The book is a beautiful handmade illuminated manuscript (See book packaging).

(open the book below)

Found within the book, is a two part expression of the project, plus a letter. Throughout, are tipped-on reproductions of original paintings and hand painted illustrations and frames.

Once the book is presented, the reader is satisfied that the project is worthy, and is surprised to find that there are more levels to consider -- that there are:

a complete libretto- (See narration packaging)

production notes-
(See folio packaging)

music*- (See voice over music tape packaging)

Let's open the Book

The Creatures of Prometheus, a balletic work by Lidwig Van Beethoven

Without the music, I would never have conceived this ballet. Without having been involved in a long term painting project concerning threatened landscapes, I never would have imagined the story embedded within the music. Once the listener hears how the music and story marry . . . they have faith.

Presenting to those who count

To produce a brand new full length ballet means winning the trust and support of a rarified cultural community.

How this will happen

It will start with the acceptance and support by a single individual -- an individual who is trusted by a circle of decision makers.

One of you, reading this, will have the curiosity, power and privilege to investigate this rich and worthwhile ballet proposal.

What exactly IS the proposal?

After viewing this virtual proposal...

YOU may want to contact me.

Yes. I am in a position to investigate the actual proposal.

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