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  • Aaron Peter
    French Canadian artist located in Montreal Canada blends abstract and figurative art.
  • Alfredo Consalez Nunez
    is a spanish artist. Presented here are current artworks about artistic digital photography, with Virtual Gallery, resources, and links.
  • Andrew Wallerstein
    Electronic artist explores his conceptions of digital space, both literal and figurative, with photorealism and stark algorithm.
  • Anne Dalton
    is an English artist who paints rural scenes in Canada and the United States. Her works depict mountains, villages and wildflowers.
  • Anne Eldredge Harris
    shows pages from her booklet "Experiencing Old Age" and newly added landscape pages from the new booklet "Landscapes of the Heart". This digital art is in enhanced realism style, and has accompanying text and quotations.
  • Anne Longo
    Visions of beauty, humour, and life created digitally and by hand.
  • Arnon Moscona
    A space to celebrate the spirit. A virtual studio presenting original work in electronic and traditional media.
  • Arthur Chartow
    creates landscapes in oils and pastels, featuring light, water, air, rocks, trees, and industrial wasteland.
    Works by analog painter Miles Stryker. His current installation is a series of figurative studies titled "WAKE THIS BODY".
  • Barrie Jones
    Explore the rooms and floors of my studio, enjoy my paintings and try to find an elusive document with a profound content. Be sure to visit the information desk when you enter the lobby.
  • Bibliotheque Bajazzo
    An independend art initiative by Arthur Nieuwenhuijs Home of "Art Construction Packets" and "La Photographie Egoiste".
  • Bob Belt
    Expressionistic colorful painterly figures from the media and an autobiographical illustrated "grim" tale.
  • Brian D. McMillan (bdmc)
    explores the creation of non-representational art through digital means.
  • Carolyn Zaroff
    a California nature painter who regards herself as a colorist first and last. Her love of color and texture can be seen in all of her oil paintings.
  • Chris Rigatuso
    Digital paintings, oils, acrylics, mixed media, and abstractions...
  • Christache Gheorghiu
    Oil paintings. portraites and lanscapes from central Europe.
  • Danny Conant
    is one of the earliest pioneers of Polaroid transfer processes, utlilizing a vast array of media, including glass and art paper, for her intensely sensuous photographs from around the world.
  • David Monachello
    Digital images. Daves show, The Fire Within, is a graphic examination of his thoughts and feelings.
  • Diane Fenster
    Digital photography. Her feature presentation is "Ritual of Abandonment," a multimedia installation about love and loss.
  • Emmanuel Ohannessian
    is an Lebanese painter living in the U.S.A. Most of his paintings are abstract watercolor, but he will soon have some oil paintings too.
  • Errol Lanier
    shares drawings, most done in Manga/Anime style with his pencils.
  • Guy Burchak
    American artist in Austin Texas, acrylic, pastel, sculpture, assemblage, etc... Including paintings of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Henry Chiu
    Fantasy and Science Fiction graphic art with a touch of Anime.
  • Hilary Wong
    is a surrealistic artist who depicts "Whales, Women and Waves" in a tranquil and natural environment. Combining airbrush, acrylics, gels and interference colors Hilary captures the essence and diversity of nature in his paintings.
  • Hungly
    Oil paintings, watercolors on silk reflecting Vietnam.
  • James Copeland
    I paint emotions. I depict the emotive life unavailable to automatons, outside and in spite of the fear, loathing and drivel that todays society offers. I paint the inner landscape which justifies existance. All that, and nudes too.
  • jaXun...
    Imago Dei: an all-digital incarnation of one computer support tech's emerging Muse...
  • Jean-Jacques Kuntz
    Contrasted colours, haunting shapes these are some of the ingredients this painter attemps to organize to express his main concerns: chance, time, life, death and human feelings... Enter into his world.
  • Jeremy A. Engleman
    presents a workshop, featuring photographs, paintings, and specially designed reproductions of antiquities of several periods, in varoius 3D formats.
  • Jochen Brennecke
  • John Rixon (Jaffa)
    A British digital artist, specializing in colour as the chief compositional elements.
  • Jorn Bjerge
    This is a studio of nature paintings. The pictures are painted out in nature on the easel. You'll be welcome to visit my studio.
  • Jose Luis Abasolo
    is a artist from Venezuela. His oil paintings are inspired by dreams, visions of his internal world and his perceptions of reality...
  • Judith Magers Bailey
    works in oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, bas-relief and sculpture. Figurative to abstract work is personal and sprititual.
  • Julia Kay
    is a painter, printmaker & photographer who has recently added the pressure-sensitive stylus to her array of drawing tools.
  • Kaoka Fujita
    From Toyooka, a small town at the northward of Kobe, Kaoko and her family live in tiny happiness.
  • Katherine Klein
    shows watercolor and oil paintings that depict creekbeds and landscapes.
  • Kent Wahlbeck
    A painter, printmaker and computer artist, working in the figurative as well as in the narrative tradition of european art.
  • Kiyotei
    Digital works of art...
  • Laszlo Marossy
    view abstract paintings from this Hungarian-American artist, done under the influence of red wine and independent radio.
  • Lile Elam
    Oil paintings, watercolors, mixed media, and manipulated images...
  • Linda Lanese
    Works in acrylic paints and medium gels, computer graphic design, sculpture, photography, and image manipulation.
  • Lou Majors
    American painter and philosopher shares an explosive primitive stream of consciousness.
  • Lynn Stowe
    explores digitally created or manipulated images in a variety of subject areas including astronomical phenomena, cats, abstracts, botanicals, and images from lynn's digital fiction and poetry.
  • Mac Mc Lellan
    a photographer putting pizazz, personality and emotion into his original photos of classic cars and other media via computer enhancement.
  • Madam Greybird
    a clairvoyant who uses her digital imagery to predict your future.
  • Maggi Roché
    is a Swedish-born artist utilizing acrylics, watercolors, gouache, pastels and elements of nature to reflect her inner visions.
  • Maguelone DUMY
    is a self-taught which has found her expression way into watercolour painting. Her figurative art is stamped with a luminous and clear atmosphere. Her prefered subjects are flowered and sunny landscapes.
  • Marcus Moura
    Digital images (computer modified photographs), fractal landscapes, and compositions on instrumental music. The Web's Poem Project: a poetry interactive exercise for allworld's webnauts.
  • Marina Izrailevich
    Her works in varied media are about color, texture, movement, and flow. They are about the impossible and the discovery of a potential.
  • Mario Madriz
    Surrealist photography inspired by Guatemalan culture and traditions.
  • Marius Johnston
    A virtual studio tour of digital prints and other things that Marius is working on.
  • Mark Hartung
    A traditional painter, who excels in the oil and watercolor mediums, and who occasionally wanders off the beaten path.
  • Mark Kaufman
    As a lawyer I specialized in representing victims of domestic violence; as a teacher I continue that work. Now I focus on figurative art in watercolors and woodcuts, celebrating the human form.
  • Marketta Leino
    Finnish digital works of art visualizing the mystery of our time...
  • Mary Vollero
    combines text with images to illustrate her inner dialogues.
  • Maxwell Bliss
    New exhibit: LIGHT CITY, Journey to the Fourth Dimension!"
  • Michael Roman
    Acrylic and oils on canvas... a Color Orgy...
  • Michael Ryals
    Photographic Transformations...
  • Michaela
    Through this door is the sparkle of Venice, the splendor of Egypt and more. Please come in.
  • Mike Brutvan
    A large body of very odd abstract computer art generated using xv processes in a cyclical way to produce daliesque soft forms and bizarre color/texture juxtapositions...
  • Nidia Palomo
    Digital images composed from photos and drawings...
  • Owen Lee Barnett
    Features drawings and paintings of the North American Old West, with specific emphasis on Western and Southwestern 'Americana', both traditional and contemporary.
  • Patricia Mae Young
    shows the plein-air watercolor and pastel landscapes that she creates during her world wide travels.
  • Philip Rubinoff
    is a digital artist creating works from moving video using a multitude of special effects, freezing the images and transferring them to stills on framed transparencies, masonite, canvas, and paper.
  • Rachelle Krieger
    Colorful abstract oil paintings and watercolors by a contemporary New York artist, whose unique style is best described as "expressionistic-impressionism". View work from the Dream Series, the Switzerland Series, and the Central Park Series.
  • Raino Ranta
    Works of art in severial media including painting, ceramic, glass and computer graphics.
  • Ralph Ivy
    is a drawer/writer who likes to draw about what he is writing, and write about what he is drawing. The result is "Notches", an on-going journal of digital notes and sketches...
  • Rebecca Alzofon
    works with both traditional and digital art. See samples of portraiture, a project about threatened landscapes, examples of commercial work, and more.
  • Rei
    Explorations of mind, mood, and spirituality.
  • Robinson Tuon
    A contemporary brazilian painter that works in oil and acrylic.
  • rj o'connor
    Drawings, Paintings, Calligraphy, and Photography. Contemporary art with a traditional base.
  • Rudolf Kinsky
    presents a collection of photo collages, traditional photography, digital paintings and 3D renderings.
  • Ruth Kedar
    Digital Art, Mixed Media, Monotypes, and Playing Cards. This internet art show is a visual journey into the realms of her art, punctuated with her thoughts and commentaries.
  • Saelon Renkes
    Black & White and Hand-Colored Photographs...
  • Samia A. Halaby
    is a painter, printmaker and writer. She works in several painting and drawing media including oil, acrylic, encaustic, gouache, and computer.
  • Sarabel
    paints with brushes and oils as well as a computer.
  • Simran Gleason
    presents "Enfolding Perspectives and other little Internet art shows," a collection of photocollage, and charcoal and pastel landscapes, self portraits, and masks.
  • Susana Scarborough
    A British born artist living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Susana paints landscapes of local scenes plein air and in her studio. Her subjects also include animals and still life.
  • Starhawk
    is the Pseudonym of Terry Gould, an artist from London England now residing near Toronto Canada. Besides creating Digital Art, he is a published Poet and is just finishing his first novel, a futuristic Sc.Fi. story.
  • Stephen Kilmer
    is a computer professional whose creative outlet is his photography.
  • Stephen Linsteadt
    Showing selected paintings from current "Passion Fruit" series. Works are expressionistic and vibrant in color.
  • Teymor Zarre
    Imagery from the underwater life on mixed media, painting and digital graphics.
  • Tom Coffin
    documents his virtual reality application entitled "PushPop". There are also many different shows to check out. This colorful imagery is awesome.
  • Troy Bennet
    shares two exhibits of his work, "References to Madness" colorful digital Psychodromes and, "Silence of Light" tranquil poetic b&w photographs.
  • Ursula Goebels-Ellis
    I use sculpture as metaphor. My work emulates the interrelatedness of destruction and (re)creation as it is played out in the universe and on our planet earth.
  • Vincent Grek
    1964- . Belgium painter. Oil, acrylic, mixed, computer. In a monthly updated studio, early and recent art works are presented with reference to classical masters.
  • Vahid Khastou
    A self-taught artist born in Tehran, Iran who works in watercolor, oil and sculpture.
  • William McCauley
    Digital Mandalas.