Free download of this book in an ebook reader is available at claycrystal's Download Center.

to access the meadow's beginning and your traveling map click here

the following links move through the meadow from left to right and from the top row to to the bottom row (for example,  the 1st 2 links are the meadow opens and Cleo; the final 2 links are ecru space and indigo space), but you are free to make any path you choose:
the meadow opens  
Cleo Carrie
Elaine Venice
the strike  
Esme(e) Rose
Elaine and love Violet's sister
the platform garden
Cleo and Rose  
tea time inversion
heroines the tomb
Carrie's tale  
blue room speculation
festival book-lined chamber
ecru space indigo space

 To view the first version of the meadow, click here. This version is blank verse, without images, without frames. The page breaks reflect the breaks in creative sessions. This version is also without a few final shifts of words and phrases which better suited the prose version.