Beyond night indigo mimed infinity with purple flaws and many-colored lights both necessary and with beauty spreading over and around boundless beating resonant starry life fount emerging always myriad stars the lights of many colors and certain lineages encircling, receding this their unique signal flare they with beacons innumerable chose subtlety for lure. The women wondering stood upon a walk of sticks lashed side to side which girdled spiraling up and down 1 gigantic tree where was their room and masque as well for nothing else there was but more trees and more though Rose suspicious stated brusquely, barely, 
that they might be mirrored 1. 
        But the walkway branched and added, several bifurcations wound and rambled up, along and happily bridged the depthless depthful night to tree tree to tree large to larger and on as far as their footsteps could take them. 
        How far that was not 1 revealed if they knew for followed they the unmeasured boots of Esme(e) marking steadily the bare wood walk. 
        She stopped, and after stopped again full 1/2 a dozen times to trace fire with finger or ignite orb with eye blue star, green star, white star, red nebulae and gassy veils rings, hidden dwarves, curtains, clusters, derelicts dim, spinning rocks, furious fires, furnaces, wells, dust, detritus, elemental, all wealth, all changing. 
        All without wind to fill the sails. 
        If we do not hear from them, no longer hear from them 
        shall we see what remains? 
        Esme(e) took Carrie by the hand. Carrie placed her black boots in void; Rose cursed; 
Carrie launched and swam and flew and laughed; at that Cleo sleekly dove away from the walk; Elaine jumped out into star-pierced black her skirts for buoyancy held her floating, bobbing in place; Rose released thrashed, then spiraled every way, strengthened, stroked, 
led with her chin in friction-free velocity; Violet turned from comets to Esme(e); found her not. 
        "Where is Esme(e)?" 
        "Is it time? When will it be time?"