Here the chamber awash in ecru illumination sourceless remained focused. Elaine sat to the board, it was unmemorable and so was blessed as are old aunts and pariah dogs. For them Elaine dispensed erratic pity.
        Here she allotted bread and fruit; she sucked upon a sugared bun tossed an apple, and an orange to Cleo. Esme(e) caught the other in her cap; set the 1 to her lips and 1 to her head and paced slowly, munching, glancing while Rose's mouth grew purple from fat berries; Carrie plucked gold figs from a cask and offered them to Violet and took dark rye sliced for herself from a bowl.
        Gradually she was drawn to Esme(e).
        Rose took Carrie a tangent and arrived.
        Esme(e) fulcrummed Violet would have said, if she had spoken.
        Esme(e) at the distant wall dark like charcoal stone it was though nearer, bathed in light it clearly was hewn malachite. Esme(e) touched it with her palm.
        It stretched, its veins a fibrous net in tissue swelled.
        Esme(e) went through, perhaps was taken engulfed in night black and in void with limit.
        Elaine smiled. Her blue eyes glittered with what she knew and what they didn't and lifted a shoulder this time not to sell it secret knowledge the power wherein dwelt her heart. Now Elaine gestured, inviting.
        The others pressed through, Carrie 1st, Rose after.
        Cool, faintly viscous, the wall conducted.