Dear [Artistic Director]...

The following is the

text of the letter intended

for the Artistic Director

of a ballet company.

Now it is for you.


Open the letter.


I have created a libretto for a

full length ballet based on a local

struggle to save a beautiful,

rare - even magical - property

on the mid-peninsula of the

San Francisco Bay Area.

The statement in this story is

universal because its sad saga is

repeated over and over across the

world. I persevere in the hope

that this project could reach the

hearts of those who might at last,

change the course of development

- here, and across all lands.

As an artist, I have the unique

opportunity to bring to light a

side of life most people haven't

time to cultivate on their own.

The story of my ballet, which I

narrate to groups in my

community, has struck a chord of

deep sympathy. The dance images

it induces are vivid and palpable.

I am not a choreographer. I am a

painter. But for the sake of the

perishing lands, I would like to

meet with you to present the

complete libretto.
One of you who

reads this will know that it is you,

especially, along with your associates

that can help depict this universal

story of emotion, a story about

classical characters confronting the

ultimate betrayal by their modern


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