As the winds blow over town,

so too do they blow over the wild places;

their currents carry dark clouds overhead or

impregnate the air with ambrosial calls of

spring. We, with all Creation, swing together

in a huge and inextricable dance; its mysteries

enter our minds as mythic creatures who call

so softly, their intonations are barely heard.

And so our story begins.

It is a tale of love and betrayal; of the nobility of

innocence and beauty. It is a modern allegory

wherein the creatures of Nature,

Humanity and Myth join in a painful struggle

against the forces of Destruction

and the totality of Death.

There are many heroes here.

But who among them will be the true hero

when the most desperate hour arrives?

Perhaps we shall see. . . Perhaps we shall see.

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Our story begins in a place where
there is little left from the Early Time.

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