Re: Did you get what was supposed to be happening?

mary-lou (
Sat, 20 Mar 1999 16:32:26 +2910

Richard Lord wrote:

> As a choreographer working with technology, that's how I feel. If you
> were to see one of my productions and were upset because you didn't know
> how it was done I'd find that rather ludicrouse because I don't set out
> to explain how it's done. I understand that you, as someone working with
> technology, want to know how it's done but if you want to know this you
> should ask me. If you want to see a performance then watch it, listen to
> it, and react to what you see and hear.

Well I agree with Richard, perhaps this question some have, as to
whether new technology is appropriate to use in performance, comes from
a lack of awareness simply because some of it is new. I mean people
accept performing artists using slide projection and lighting effects,
and rarely ask "how its done", or question its "over-use". Perhaps in
fifty years we will look back and laugh at this debate?

> Perhaps in one key respect you and I differ. I don't consider dance-tech
> per se as a new medium. The web is a new medium (and many know of my work
> with it), but most dance-tech is new tools used within old media - the
> stage, live installation, television, film...
Yes! Really good point I think Jeff Miller brings this up!
Interesting talking to you folks..

Anyway... it is assessment time so back to the reports!