Re: Did you get what was supposed to be happening?

Dorien van de Belt (
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 11:54:36 +0000

Hi all,

I might have missed it in the ongoing discussion (English is not my native
language), but I think there is a difference between a 'performance' or
presenting work at a conference.
When I am going to a performance, I may or may not want technical
information about it, but if the performer doesn't want me to give it, it's
her/his choice. If I will see and/or feel that what the performer would
like me to see/feel, is another matter. If not, there is probably a
communication error, either on my side, the performers side or somewhere in
However, when I am going to a conference, I do expect technical background
information. Isn't a conference ment for that? I do not expect to go to a
'festival' of performances, but to an exchange, presentation of (new)
ideas, explanation of what people are doing, how they are doing, what they
are using, etc. This should/could be the place to get new ideas yourself,
or to learn about technologies how to achive something you would like. The
'Technology' part of IDAT99 was for instance clear in the presentation of
devices like the Electronic Ballerina, but in a lot of work-in-progress and
similar presentations I missed the 'Technology' bit, especially on forehand.
Another aspect you (as a performer in this field) could use a conference
for, is to find out wether the techology has the desired effect on the
audience. Give half of the people information on forehand, half not and
find out if and how much there is a difference in 'undergoing' the
performance. Maybe foreknowledge enhances the appreciation. Or maybe it
appears that you could do with simpler technology.



PS: I enjoyed being at the IDAT99, and see several faces behind the names
on this list!

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