Did you get what was supposed to be happening?

Stephan Silver (silver@connect-2.co.uk)
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 15:48:45 +0000

Dorien wrote:

> Or maybe it
> appears that you could do with simpler technology.

Well, one has to consider first what one wants to achieve. This might seem
quite obvious but why explore creating a certain effect or reaction just for
the sake of it? There is a certain amount of fun in experimenting and using
new equipment being made aware to us but if it does not have a strong goal
there is no point to it.

Once a technology is deemed necessary to create a certain effect or to
accomplish a certain task then the technology critical to achieving that
goal will be used. The difficult part in most instances is discovering or
building that part of technical wonder. Therefore if a certain amount of
complexity is required to ascertain that particular goal and it works,

How then could it possibly be made simpler?

Any design that merits high worth should ideally be made by the simplest of
means possible. Why drive in a huge arc between two points when you can
drive in a straight line.

As I was always preached, "KISS-Keep it simple stupid".