Re: Did you get what was supposed to be happening?

Nick Rothwell (
19 Mar 1999 21:01:18 -0000

> These tools simply extend what we can produce, but the product is what
> matters. I feel we should have stopped worrying about how it's made a
> long time ago, and instead we should concern ourselves with what is made
> and why it's made.

There are probably people doing that. You've not heard of them because
they aren't afforded the profile and media attention given to those
who emphasise form over content.

I started using MAX some seven or eight years ago for performing
improvised live scores for dance projects. Nobody in the media took
much attention because I never told anyone how I was working. These
days, I emphasise the technology side of things because it gets
people's attention, even though it's basically irrelevant to the
artistic content.

So, I have just prostrated myself to the media machine in the lowest
way possible: registered my limited company with a name which has
".com" on the end.


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