3D/analysis program needed for doctoral student

Keitha Manning (mann@dtx.net)
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 14:21:05 -0500

I am forwarding this on to those in the know. Since my work with Life
Forms is VERY limited, I wondered if Techla or someone else could help
out this doctoral student. I'm sure her s-t-r-e-s-s level is climbing as
she nears graduation.
I'd like the information also, so if you could respond to the list as
well as to aspiring-Dr. Westreich I'd appreciate your knowledge.

> I was hoping that you can help me find a computer software that can
process, analyze and graphically present dance in 3-D. (I need this
software as a data collection tool in my dissertation study project) I
have gone to the internet and found reference to a software titled Life
Forms, a product by Credo, do you have any experience with this product?

> Enclosed are the specific capabilities that the software I am looking for
should have. I would appreciate any information indicating where I can
find the desired product.

> I appreciate your help in advance, and hope to hear from you at your
earliest convenience,


Galeet Westreich.
gwestreich@juno.com (Galeet B Westreich)

> I am a doctoral student, a dancer and choreographer by training who needs
a software that will do the following:

> 1. Be able to translate movement from a video camera into a 3-D

> 2. Be able to provide with an analysis of range of motion
expressed in conic sketches of the light end of the body part.

> 3. Be able to analyze the differences in range of motions of a
body part from one exercise to another, as well as provide an overall
analysis of body's movement type: direction, range, sequencing, speed

> Do you have (know of) such a product?

> Would appreciate your prompt answer A.S.A.P.

> Sincerely, Galeet Westreich.