Lighting designer needed for interactive performance tour

Robert Wechsler (
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 20:01:57 +0200

To all,

We're down a lighting designer for our spring tour. $%&*#*Ą

Obviously short notice, but its a fun job. computer-interactive installation
things. and dance. all real nice folks.

June 12, 13, 17, 20, 21 are the actual shows (2-days tech before each gig).
Klagenfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Heilbronn

If anyone knows anyone (with experience) please tell them to get in touch...
and SOON!


We can pay travel, hotel, food, plus around 800 bucks (depending on how far
away from us you live -- or to put it another way: we have 2500 DM
available, convert it to your favorite currency, buy yourself an air ticket
and see you when you get here!)


PS details concerning the work are in our web site. or just ask!!

Robert Wechsler and Helena Zwiauer Phone: (49) 911-397472
Palindrome Dance Company Fax: (49) 911-397472
Johannisstr. 42 / 90419 Nčrnberg