Re: 3D/analysis program needed for doctoral student

David Rodger (
Sat, 2 May 1998 11:48:07 +1000

As passed on by Keitha:

>> I was hoping that you can help me find a computer software that can
>process, analyze and graphically present dance in 3-D. (I need this
>software as a data collection tool in my dissertation study project) I
>have gone to the internet and found reference to a software titled Life
>Forms, a product by Credo, do you have any experience with this product?

I don't know what the latest is on integration of LifeForms with motion
capture / data acquisition systems is (Thecla?), but it sounds as though
any number of motion capture or gait analysis systems would do what Dr
Westreich is seeking.

>> I am a doctoral student, a dancer and choreographer by training who needs
>a software that will do the following:
>> 1. Be able to translate movement from a video camera into a 3-D

There are a number of systems which use high-speed cameras and "markers" on
the body, which can also analyse the data. e.g. Selspot, Coda mpx30.

>> 2. Be able to provide with an analysis of range of motion
>expressed in conic sketches of the light end of the body part.

Hmm. Not sure about this, but it sounds like a CGI problem rather than one
inherently a part of the acquisition process.

>> 3. Be able to analyze the differences in range of motions of a
>body part from one exercise to another, as well as provide an overall
>analysis of body's movement type: direction, range, sequencing, speed

Mathematical modelling software might do this, if one could import the data.

Sounds as if an almightily expensive motion capture system and several
pieces of software are required. I can't day much more than this, since
gait analysis is not my thing, and, even while doing my Masters, I didn't
have a hop ein hell of getting my hands on a high-end motion capture

Regards, David

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