My performance and discussion

Greville Matthews (
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 12:35:14 PDT

Thanks for your responses,
This is a brief breakdown of what I'm doing.

For the performance I'm having a semi-instillation set up, with with 2
sheets of material back projected, and the dancers in front of that. The
audience will be closing off the diamond. (the original idea was to use
4 and be totally surrounded). So, throughout the piece the audience will
be able to see various images as well as the dancers.

I'm looking at differing notions of virtual space (from human to
technological), and how the technology is arranged within the space.

There are three different sections -
The first uses purely human movement such as contact improvisation. It
is firmly rooted in the earth, and concerned with the relationship
between the corporeal body and space.

The second is utilising a notion which Susan Kozel worked with in her
piece Ghosts and Astronaughts in the '97 Digital dance season. Namely
the absence of gravity - or microgravity. I'm using this because it
implies that humans have broken the confines of our previously narrow
vision of the universe - in space, our bodies have to reorientate
themselves to the lack of visual and gravitational markers, which exist
in our atmosphere. This gives movement an entirely new (and exciting)
dimension. I'm also using microgravity because of the obvious links
between the leap into space and technological advancement:- It is a step
closer to the purely technical world of 'cyberspace' (this is I know
highly contentious, and could quite easily start a brand new thread of

The third section is dealing with purely tecnological movement, and i am
using the Lifeforms system to create the choreography. The movement will
be quite angular and robotic like. I'm looking at the corporeal reaction
to this technology and the way in which it (the technology) is situated
architectually. The 'virtual' figures will be projected onto the sheets,
as will various other images.

As some of you have mentioned in your responses I have tried not to be
overcome by the technological aspects. My primary concern is the
corporeal reaction to the technology. Originally I wanted to inclde a
form of interactive media into the piece, but due to access this was not
possible. However, I think this was quite fortunate. It means that i
haven't fallen into the trap of only adding it as a creative
afterthought, concerned only with the tech and not the movement. Which
my group project research has highlighted.

Speaking of the group project, i will have to return to this at a later
I hope this has helped and not muddied the water further!!


PS Susie - the time of the presentation/debate is 3.30 - 4.30pm on the
13th of May at King Alfred's College Winchester in the John Stripe
Theatre. And the performance of the piece will be at 8pm on the 14th of
may in the Arts centre.

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