Troika in Europe - Dance Education

Lisa Marie Naugle (
Sun, 28 Dec 1997 17:26:33 -0800 (PST)

Hi Mary-Lou,

>in fact I have recently conducted a survey to discover quite the

Are the results of your survey published anywhere? I would appreciate the
opportunity to read about it, if at all possible. I am planning to conduct
a survey as part of my Ph.D research. What you've done thus far could be

>Dance teachers are quite keen to tap into the d/t scene, BUT
>they are not sure WHAT it is? and fear the financial limitations of
>their own bugets and the techno gargon!

I too have found dance teachers receptive to trying out different kinds of
technology. However, in situations where interinstitional collaboration or
artists/educators from outside "the university" are concerned, it seems to
me that the use of technology in dance education is less a matter financial
restriction or techno jargon and more a matter of political climate. As
only one example, I recently tried to initiate a collaborative
videoconference course between two universities (one in the US and one in
Canada) and VOLUNTEERED to act as a teaching assistant for faculty who are
new to this sort of thing. There was much enthusiasm and interest.
However, when I made a request to make use the transcripts for research
purposes (a dissertation I am pursuing at a different university) support
and access to technology was blocked. It seems to me that some policy
issues could be addressed which "allow" artists and educators who are
already working in this area but not on faculty, to collaborate with
faculty members for the mutual benefit of discovering, at a global level
"what it is".

>Also planned is an interactive performance, in collaberation with the
>media teacher at our school. Students will have the opportunity to
>choreograph around and use various new technologies as well as video
>and computer generated animation..... So yes there definitely is an

Who will have copyright to the video and computer generated animation? The
university? The students? The instructors?

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