Re: Introduction/response

Nick Rothwell (
Sun, 28 Dec 1997 15:51:33 +0000

>Welcome to our list, Nick,

Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome.

>I'd love to hear your music
>and know more about your work.

I have a web page for the album ( which
has a press release and some RealAudio files. The latter are dreadful
quality, but might give some idea.

>Scotland is not that far away from some of
>the other places where we work or where workshops will take place to
>explore the kind of composition process you talk about. I'd encourage you
>to keep opening up such channels.

I'm trying. I think what's important is the creative process each of us
adopts to make work - that's what makes each of us into unique
practitioners. There are so few fruitful outlets for our work that we have
to be open to new ways and opportunities to apply our process. My
particular weakness is extreme stubbornness in wanting to realise the dance
projects I have in my head. The problem is finding the choreographers and
dancers willing to collaborate, and learning how to best avoid those people
who seem to merely get in the way...

Sorry if I'm drifting off-topic. As with all such endeavours, when it comes
down to it, what's important is the people, their ideas and their
determination, not the technology.

Nick Rothwell, CASSIEL contemporary dance projects music synthesis and control

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