Re: Troika in Europe

Mary-Lou Michael (
Sun, 28 Dec 1997 16:41:57 +0000

Mark Coniglio wrote:

I don't think that you should infer that d/t is becoming
> interesting to education, because I don't think that most of the people we
> spoke to had considered the possibility. Definitely the interest centered
> around the idea of New Media being used in educational settings.

Really interesting thread! As a dance educator working in secondary
schools in South Australia, I don't see this as the case at all, in
fact I have recently conducted a survey to discover quite the
opposite! Dance teachers are quite keen to tap into the d/t scene, BUT
they are not sure WHAT it is? and fear the financial limitations of
their own bugets and the techno gargon! As a result of the workshop
conducted this year I am, along with a lecturer from School of the
future, conducting A Dance and technology workshop for secondary dance
teachers. Emphasis will be on various equipment realistically possible
and accessible to use in schools.
Also planned is an interactive performance, in collaberation with the
media teacher at our school. Students will have the opportunity to
choreograph around and use various new technologies as well as video
and computer generated animation..... So yes there definitely is an

Anyway things are happening!
Cheers Mary-Lou
Happy New year everybody!!