Re: Troika in Europe - Dance Education

Mary-Lou Michael (
Mon, 29 Dec 1997 17:37:05 +0000

Hi Lisa,

> Are the results of your survey published anywhere? I would appreciate the
> opportunity to read about it, if at all possible. I am planning to conduct
> a survey as part of my Ph.D research. What you've done thus far could be
> helpful.
I hadn't intended to publish the results, but it's probably a good
idea! I'm analysing them currently, into cultural and concrete data,
and have already drawn some similarities, which are interesting.
Perhaps I could send them to you. Actually it was suggested by a
friend that I submit the questionnaire to the list, it should
certainly diversify the responses!! I may just do that!!

seems to
> me that the use of technology in dance education is less a matter financial
> restriction or techno jargon and more a matter of political climate. ...when I made a request to make use the transcripts for research
> purposes (a dissertation I am pursuing at a different university) support
> and access to technology was blocked. It seems to me that some policy
> issues could be addressed which "allow" artists and educators who are
> already working in this area but not on faculty, to collaborate with
> faculty members for the mutual benefit of discovering, at a global level
I'm not quite sure I understand the universities concern, ethically if
you acknowledge confidentiality shouldn't that be enough? They may
feel a little threatened by your knowledge perhaps?

> Who will have copyright to the video and computer generated animation? The
> university? The students? The instructors?
Hadn't considered copyright!! Thanks for the advice! I would think
since the images will be original student creations, the students
would have copright... I'll have to look into this. If it causes too
much of a drama, we'll have to have an invite only "gig"!!

Anyway, I'm really interested in your comments. It's fabulous to
receive relevant feedback, from people familiar with the field.
Funny!... one of the points made by a few of the respondants, as a
positive for the inclusion of d/t in education, was related to the
unifying of the international dance scene... something made very
possible by the internet/email. Since dance literature has been noted
for it's critical and historical impoverishment, I think this is a
very 'real' positive. ...and my students can stop complaining about
lack of library resources!