Re: Theater Technology vs Dance Technology

Scott deLahunta (
Wed, 01 Oct 1997 23:31:59 +0200

On this discussion thread on the 'distinction' between dance and theater --
which I introduced as a way of thinking about 'theater and technology' in
comparison to 'dance and technology' -------

At 04:48 AM 10/1/97 GMT, Claudia Pinhanez wrote:
>I think that the primary distinction is that theater is driven by
>ACTIONS. Movements and words are only particular ways that the
>characters used to accomplish objectives through acting on each

Ah ha Claudio, yes... absolutely -- if we are to discuss this distinction we
need to complicate, not overly simplify, this *distinction* between 'dance'
and 'theater'... by reminding us 'dance' folks that 'theater' has a
sophisticated and longstanding tradition of integrating movement (gestus [a
reference to the 'epic' style of acting]) and words. Your post is very

Interesting reading on the topic of interesting acting can, IMHO (In My
Humble Opinion) be found in a book edited by Philip Zarrilli called *Acting
(Re)Considered* -- another Routledge publication [find chapter on 'epic'
style starting page 262].

Lots of thoughts, no time or energy to formulate them. Will leave it at this...

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