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Mark C.

>Hi dance tech,
>here's a thought or two:
>tell a dance student and a theatre student to go into the corner and wave
>dance student walks over into the corner and waves
>theatre student asks who am I, why am I waving? where have I come from?
>(nb - from my experience)
>the dance student is not dumb, but accepts the instruction as a movement
>instruction: an abstract and concrete handling - a movement through space
>and a hand gesture.
>If not otherwise instructed they will probably start their walk with the
>right foot, stop in the corner, turn and wave in the direction they came
>in, probably with the right hand if not otherwise instructed. Because they
>r operating under certain codes. The audience is front they presume, and
>they will not wave with their backs to the audience. Front is where the
>instructor is.
>The relationship between a choreographer is one of shared coding: coding
>already existing is worked upon 2gether untill a collective code is
>established. The dance work is made by scripting of this coding, which
>happens between the choreographer and dancer, but directed by the
>choreographer. The dramaturgy comes when this coding and scripting are put
>into effect - it happens along the way, which is why a dance student will
>accept a simple instruction.
>The coding is in a way pure, human body moving in time and space, without
>the additional codyfication of language, but complex, because the human
>body with all it's experiences and histories is complex.
>new thought:
> html scripting: codes linking information together to create a surface -
>a "face". A simple action changes the "face" in a second.
>A dance experience shall appeal to an observers kinestic sense.
>Add language = more codes
>Add sound = more codes
>Add costume = more codes
>Add technology = more codes
>Add chance = more codes
>Memories placed in a machine, which maybe connected in a network - which
>MUST be connected in a network (electricity circuit at least) - by a human,
>and collected by a body who knows their memory is located throughout the
>body and not just in the brain. (Does someone have to be watching?)
>I say we are already soaked in technology - u can't add it, but u can add
>more, or specify(filter)
>Dance/tech shall try to make "visible" in the conciousness of the body this
>mmmmm .......
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