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Wayne Siegal is a musician/programmer at DIEM which I believe stands for
The Danish Institute of Electroacoustic Music or something like that. I've
met him and heard him talk about his work and seen a short video of it, but
unfortunately I haven't seen it. He has worked with constructing a kind of
bodysuit that a dancer can wear. The suit controls through MIDI a computer
programme that composes music. It is not totally controlled by the dancer
but she is interacting with some structures within the programme. You could
say that she is dancing to music while at the same time composing it,
though there is a structure in the programme that keeps a certain sequence.

As I said, I have unfortunately not seen the work. But it seemed very
interesting and he had some very interesting remarks to a discussion about
interaction vs. the work of the artist.

If you're interested I could probably dig up his adress. I have to go
through a couple of people though. - I've forwarded this email to somebody,
I know, knows him.

Best regards,

Soeren Pold

>>From another list serv that I frequent, I see the following report from
>person called Brett Battey who is at the International Computer Music
>Conference in Greece...
>>From: "B. Battey" <>
>>Subject: last icmc post
>>MIME-Version: 1.0
>>Last night had a concert of interactive motion/dance items. Particularly
>>effective was Wayne Siegel's Movement Study I for dancer and the DIEMMIDI
>>body suit controling realtime music. Very effective unison of dance and
>>expression - both a technical and artistsic success, which unfortunatlely
>>seems rare here. Other pieces featured video sendising, hand controllers
>>mapped through space to control elements of a electric guitatr physical
>Can anyone else tell me about Mr. Siegel's work?
>Thanks in advance,
>Mark Coniglio
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>Troika Ranch |

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