Theater Technology vs Dance Technology

Mark Coniglio (
Sun, 28 Sep 1997 15:48:43 -0500

In many ways I see Theater and Dance overlapping in terms of the electronic
expressions that could benefit both. I think that to make them distinct,
one has to focus on the primary difference in the two forms, namely, the
presence of the spoken word in theater. (Of course, the line between dance
and theater is constantly blurred - especially in works that I see here in
NYC. Often pieces that I see here that are labeled "dance" might more truly
be labled theater in my estimation.)

Scott is correct in saying "the physical body (and moving) seems to be at
the center of these discussions". I think this is because several of us are
attempting to sense the language of movement and to use that information as
a source of control over media. This can be seen as our attempt to add yet
another layer of language to the language of movement.

Still, there is no reason that this same technology could not be used
effectively in theater. In theater the actors movement is not intended to
be the primary means of communication, but that same movement could be used
to control elements of the overall presentation, including modulation of
the actor's voice.


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