Who is Wayne Siegal

Mark Coniglio (troika@panix.com)
Tue, 30 Sep 1997 17:32:18 -0500

>From another list serv that I frequent, I see the following report from
person called Brett Battey who is at the International Computer Music
Conference in Greece...

>From: "B. Battey" <bbattey@u.washington.edu>
>To: cyberartists@u.washington.edu
>Subject: last icmc post
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>Last night had a concert of interactive motion/dance items. Particularly
>effective was Wayne Siegel's Movement Study I for dancer and the DIEMMIDI
>body suit controling realtime music. Very effective unison of dance and
>expression - both a technical and artistsic success, which unfortunatlely
>seems rare here. Other pieces featured video sendising, hand controllers
>mapped through space to control elements of a electric guitatr physical

Can anyone else tell me about Mr. Siegel's work?

Thanks in advance,
Mark Coniglio

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