Re: Who is Wayne Siegal

Mark A Bromwich (
Thu, 2 Oct 1997 9:08:52 +0100

>>Last night had a concert of interactive motion/dance items. Particularly
>>effective was Wayne Siegel's Movement Study I for dancer and the DIEMMIDI
>>body suit controling realtime music. Very effective unison of dance and
>>expression - both a technical and artistsic success, which unfortunatlely
>>seems rare here. Other pieces featured video sendising, hand controllers
>>mapped through space to control elements of a electric guitatr physical
>Can anyone else tell me about Mr. Siegel's work?
>Thanks in advance,
>Mark Coniglio
Hi Mark

Just got back from ICMC and witnessed the concert mentioned - the writer did'nt mention that at
the start of the piece the computer crashed and they left the poor dancer on stage with house
lights up with no indication of what she should do! - I shall say no more at this time but will
post a full report when I have sorted my backlog of work out - By the way our Anatomy Class inc.
'Bodycoder' was a great success.