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Two Pastel Sets of Eight Colors Each

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Portrait Set -- (See sample painting here)

A 15

Green 19
BV 5
A 15, Green 19, and BV 5 operate as basic local color elements of skin. Skin tones contain various combinations of the above, but are never this concentrated. The colors below are for modifying these with blending, tinting and lighting effects.

A 15, Green 19, and BV 5 will provide the intense colors commonly found in clothing and environment.

BE 18
BE 18 is dark and concentrated, and works both as a base component for a dark complexion, and as the shade side of a light complexion. This color must be blended with other colors in order to appear right.

YG 16
Use YG 16 for blending and lightening any of the above base color combinations. Its influence is fairly neutral in the context of skin tones and warm lighting.

YG 5
Use YG 5 to increase illumination on light to medium dark complexions. Good for the color influence of incandescent lighting.

Grey 25
Grey 25 can be used for the light areas which require a cool cast, comparatively speaking. Good for the color cast of non-yellow lighting, such as north facing skylights.

A 37
A 37 is the cave color. Use for nostrils, pupils, deep shadows. On certain very dark complexions, the colder cast in this color may be more appropriate than BE 18.
A 37 is also the color for darkening hair, even blond.

Introduction | Portrait Set | Landscape Set | Portrait & Landscape Sets Compared

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