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Two Pastel Sets of Eight Colors Each

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Landscape Set -- (See sample landscape here)

A 30
A 30 is the shade color. This contrasty dark blue-violet color is both the complement of the color of the light source -- a bright yellow sun -- and the fill color from a blue sky. Full strength, this color is effective in the foreground shadows. Tinted or blended with other colors, A 30 can provide the blue-violet component of many elements within the landscape.

RE 9
RE 9 is good for some soils, bark, earth-colored buildings, and some kinds of dead plant matter in the foreground. Use full strength for appearance of strong illumination. Blend with other colors for mixtures, to neutralize, shade, or achieve atmospheric effects.

YG 15

YG 15 is the yellow counterpart to RE 9. Full strength, this color moves to the foreground. Blended, it can add to atmospheric effects, and be used to smudge other colors together without disturbing the color scheme, much.

YG 10
YG 10 is the sun-lightening color. Full strength, it provides an extreme sense of foreground. Blended with other colors, it can be used to add yellow atmospheric effects.

Green 29
Green 29 is a young foliage color or it can be used to drench mature vegetation with sunlight. Green 29 can be used in the fore to middleground. Full strength, it provides a strong sense of foreground.

Green 25
Green 25 generally works best blended with other colors, although intelligent use of the pure color can be effective.
Warning to beginners: This is not THE tree foliage color.

BG 11
BG 11 is the sky color, or the sky color influence in illuminated areas. Use also for blended atmospheric effects.

Grey 18
Grey 18 is the fog color. Use to blend in atmospheric effects. Use also for white highlights.

Introduction | Portrait Set | Landscape Set | Portrait & Landscape Sets Compared

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