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Since I first mounted this discussion on Prud'hon, I found a few new things. I made changes to the relevant pages as follows
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July 2003

I have yet again rewritten some of the Prud'hon discussion.
New Demo. There is a new 10 step demonstration. After teaching the technique to students for the last year, I found that different chalk hardnesses for the different steps were working better than previous recommendations. The fundamental flow of the technique remains the same, except in accordance with the eyewitness account, I start with white hatches, not the black.

March 2002

I have now rewritten much of the Prud'hon discussion.

Compared to Others. There is a new section on a comparison between Prud'hon and the standard Academic drawing.
Improved Recipe. There is a new recipe for black chalks...
New Demo (now removed). And there is a new 10 step demonstration.

The fundamentals have not changed.

November 2001

Eyewitness Account. Thanks to a heads-up from one of my readers, I found this valuable quote. In the footnote below, find an assertion that Prud'hon did not use charcoal in his chalk drawings.

Gourmet Papers. Wow! I found the perfect papers!

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