What you see here are images of the depository for this group of mediators. Like most it is a niche to one side of the entrance into the conference chamber. Petitions, pleas, messages, any communications for this group make their way to this platform.
A point, that's what it is. Accessible as any point, untroubled by volume. If you're having trouble with this concept, you're not alone. Mediators have no trouble with it which is what matters. I suppose knowing Metaspace so well, this is easy.
You can see that there are 7 standard, frequently used models. All break open, slide up or retract lids, or extrude screens on which information destined for specific mediators is contained.
These are representative shots. There are days and times when the depository contains many more units. The units then hold themselves in various levels and within protocol limits will shift and jockey about in order to remain in plain view.

The point of the depository being a point is that it is available anywhere. From any coordinates a mediator may call it up. And that can only benefit all citizens.
The units make their way here when released by their senders. They arrive quickly if programmed correctly but most can also find their way even if incorrectly programmed or not programmed at all.
This can happen in times of dire need.
The importance of a fine unit from a reputable assembler cannot be repeated too frequently.
There are varying intersecting rings of security locks and encryption. The integrity of these depends on the condition of the unit, its age and history and also, unfortunately, on its susceptibility to corruption, bribes, and threats.
There have recently been reports of units sabotaged by their fuel supply elements.
Less than 4 years ago a new disc model was removed from use after it was determined to be easily tempted by beacons of blue light.
All active and correctly functioning units remain at readiness to maneuver and so hover above the platform surface. They also change colors, using this as a means to attract attention and distinguish themselves from their surroundings.
They are forbidden to change too rapidly which results in blinking or flashing. These have been ruled too distracting. So have sounds.
Before that ruling units were known to play musical phrases or emit various tones, whistles, booms, and other signals.
Arriving at the information center units locate the correct tube which extends veritcally from the depository platform they seek to the roof.
They must accept scanning by building security units before being allowed to pass through the leaves of the entry valve.
After that they have only to drop down the tube to reach their intended platform.