A crosssection of the ellipse seen from above.



main corridors

lesser corridors

conference rooms

room assigned to this group of mediators

vertical penetration conduits:
= power
= communications
= ventilation
= security units, including environmental monitors
schematic of the chamber from above
depository niche and attached vertical conduit to the roof
pillars and light discs
chamber outer wall composed of 2 intermingling membranes of exquisitely resilient carbon composite. The exterior surface is bonded to ellipse foundation material.
access to lesser corridor which leads to peripheral area
access to lesser corrider connecting to nearest main corridor
inner divider of membranes similar to the outer wall. The divider hosts a screen and provides for redivisioning the chamber according to needs and additional walkways to facilitate thought and discussion.
inner wall which duplicates the outer except in orientation. The 2 walls communicate and adjust structural loads between themselves. Between them lies a walkway.
2 views of the divider
the chamber from near the threshold into the peripheral corridor