The aqua ellipses and sphere with their tall cylinders of cells are sought in the city by many in search of truth and justice.
And by those in search of, and in need of, knowledge.
They comprise the information center complex.
Above: an image captured from a dwelling rooftop in Cube Sector.
The information center is flanked by research labs and a dwelling complex for students, offworld temporary residents, and alcons in civic employ.
major dwelling complex
Above: an image captured from a commercial vessel on approach shows the information center fit into the core of the city's surface segment.
From a street connecting Civic Center and the information center. The position is halfway between the 2. Shot from a local flyer.
View from a port of an excursion vessel returning from a tour over the upriver plain.
The complex as seen from a personal flyer between the science center and research labs.
entertainment center
science center
GenBatch center
flakfoil arena
Dark Sector
Bloc Sector
Tower Sector
Cube Sector
entertainment center
flakfoil arena
edge of science center
portion of GenBatch center
research labs
Civic Center