In the Night Studio, I

Artwork by Julia L. Kay. Copyright 1994. All rights reserved.

How it was made:

Julia's comments about the piece:

I was painting large portrait heads (~3 feet X 4 feet for just the head -- see Smitty, 1992 (oil bar on paper~55k)) and single figures (See Stroke of the Sun, 1992 (oil on canvas~66k) & I kept thinking I wanted more context in my paintings, not just the head or standing figure, but a sense of where they were, what they were doing. So I' d stretch a larger canvas so there' d be room but then I' d just make a larger head or figure to fit. I finally got around to giving my people more room when I did the series this is a part of, where I worked 24 X 18 and 20 X 16 inches. I' ve never figured out why I needed to go small to give them space! (Now I can give them more space even when they' re big!)