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a short while ago..

A couple of years back, I was at a point in my art where I knew I had to make some major decisions if I was to evolve and grow as a serious artist. Decisions are never easy to make - especially when they involve money or a major re-evaluation of oneself.

What prompted me was the fact that I wasn't extending beyond the computer screen [which is not 'wrong' in itself]. I realized that I needed to move to a more traditional/tangible medium that would allow me to concentrate more on the product as fine art and less on the digital aspect of it.

I had tried to work with various service bureaus, but I found them both expensive and frustrating - by the time I had my work color balanced for their system, I didn't have the budget to do the extensive testing that I felt was needed. As a result I never really liked what I got.

I realized that the only solution was to take the plunge and buy a medium format printer - one with the capability of producing a reasonable sized print on as wide a range of media as possible. The Tally 7070C ink-jet printer was the best choice at the time, producing up to 17" x 22" prints at 360dpi, on a wide variety of media, including 140lb smooth watercolor paper and canvas.

and now..

What I didn't anticipate was just how much of a difference a good printer actually makes. I started out reveling in color (the same way I did on the computer), but quickly tired of the necessity of glossy paper; instead turning more to the subtle tones that can be produced by ink on paper - especially good paper such as watercolor paper. I could now explore a tonality of expression that is missing from the computer screen - and one that I would not have explored using expensive service bureaus.

In fact, the more I have gotten into the process, the more the computer has become just the tool that I use to produce the image. As a result, I feel that I have started to grow more as an artist over the last little while than at any time in the past that I can remember. This show "Parallel Evolution" is the result of the start of this process. I have gone 'back to the basics' to rediscover the medium and how it can best be utilized, while at the same time I am exploring new avenues in my non-representational art.

the future..

Who knows what the future may hold; the more I discover in my work, the more I see new potentials to be explored. Already so many ideas have emerged, I could not possibly ever explore them all.

Technically though, I am already starting to perceive issues that may/will arise for me in the future:

And interestingly (for me anyway);

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