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Parallel Evolution


In order to evolve as a non-representational artist, I felt that it was time to return to the basics - to representational art - and re-look at how I 'captured' the moment I was expressing/painting. To do this meant returning to my photography, then digitally condensing/simplifying the image, and rebuilding it until it approximated the tone of what I visually felt when I photographed it.


As I was developing a new clarity of expression in my representational work, I found myself with a new freedom/excitement to explore the realms within me - visually speaking. This has always been of a non-representational nature. Whether the starting point is from my stylus, scanner, or photograph, it is condensed and compressed to its very core - the kernel of its being. From this, much as a sculptor uses clay, a new and totally unique 'reality' is created.
treesg4 treesg4 squigy3 squigy3
pond8a-12p pond8a-12p hands1-1b2a hands1-1b2a
pond-reed-2p pond-reeds-2p hand-4a42s hand-4a42s
pan-gi-2a pan-gi-2a hand-4a5a1 hand-4a5a1
panor-fc3a1 panor-fc3a1 hand-4a71 hand-4a71
pan3f-2e-s pan3f-2e-sm hands2-1aca1 hands2-1aca1
  • All images are printed on 17" x 22" watercolor paper,
    and protected with 4 coats of UV filtered varnish.

© 1999 Brian D. McMillan.
All images are copyrighted and are not to be copied or reproduced without the express permission of the artist.

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