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Doorway Image Jennifer Crystal Fang-Chien
The Portal: opening new views into reality. collections of poetry and art by Jennifer Crystal Fang-Chien.
Doorway Image Len Tower
is a poet and an awesome hacker.
Doorway Image Lynn Stowe
merging images and words with hypertext and hyper images...
Doorway Image Michael West
describes himself as a post-post-modern kwillster who writes both poems and novels and whose SUR*FIN*USA @ reveals an affinity for hypertext.
Doorway Image Simran Gleason
often writes poems while driving on winding roads through redwood forests on foggy evenings while commuting home from work in silicon valley.
Doorway Image Sylvia Chong
shamelessly exploits her experiences in a series of self-serving poems (even going so far as to steal this blurb from Nietzsche ... geez, how artsy can you get?)