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Along with all the other crazy things I do, I also scribble some verse down on random pieces of paper. These days I haven't written much at all, so what happens: I get published! Local literary journals, an anthology from Rochester, etc. A far bigger accomplishement than that, however, was getting to be the "Guest Poet" in my sister's 7th grade classroom (she's the teacher). I snuck out of a CHI conference in Boston, took a zillion buses to Lexington, and read some poems. Then the kids get to ask any question they want: "How long does it take to put your turban on in the morning." So we discussed my turban for twenty minutes, & I read them a meditation poem (Tassajara, Guest at the Monastery).

Here's a little selection of my poems. I'm not giving you any terribly coherent theme yet (maybe someday I'll reorganize), and they were written at all kinds of different times. Oh well.


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An illustrated poem. I wrote the poem in '92 after a long string of dreams with water in them. Lakes, crashing surf & eroding cliffs. Just recently, I drew a (digital) picture in long scroll format in hazy blue & white, & titled it waterdreams. Then I put the two together on one page.
Let me know if it works for you.
Tassajara, Guest at the Monastery
I wrote this several years after a visit to the Tassajara Zen monastery and hot springs resort, in the hills above Big Sur, California. A true story (as far as memory serves).
Red Tail
Another true story.
Maple Wind
One in a series of Chinese Painting Poems.
Another in a series of Chinese Painting Poems.
Dawn of the Electronic Age Poet
I wrote this one soon after finding the newsgroup rec.arts.poems. Sometimes I really have to struggle with my conflicting tendencies to be a techno knurd and a luddite.
Where is that Poet?
This poem "won" the first international rec.arts.poems online poetry contest! (Check with anyone on r.a.p to find out how much of an "honor" this really is :-)

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