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Alfredo Consalez Nunez Alfredo Consalez Nunez
is a spanish artist. Presented here are current artworks about artistic digital photography, with Virtual Gallery, resources, and links.
Arnon Moscona Arnon Moscona
A space to celebrate the spirit. A virtual studio presenting original work in electronic and traditional media.
bdmc Brian D. McMillan (bdmc)
explores the creation of non-representational art through digital means.
Danny Conant Danny Conant
is one of the earliest pioneers of Polaroid transfer processes, utlilizing a vast array of media, including glass and art paper, for her intensely sensuous photographs from around the world.
Diane Fenster Diane Fenster
Digital photography. Her feature presentation is "Ritual of Abandonment," a multimedia installation about love and loss.
Ed Falk Ed Falk
is a software graphics hacker as well as a photographer. Currently he is exhibiting his photography, where he specializes in B&W and Infrared.
Doorway Image Jennifer Crystal Fang-Chien
The Portal: opening new views into reality. collections of poetry, photographs and art by Jennifer Crystal Fang-Chien.
Job Jochen Brennecke
Julia Kay Julia Kay
is a painter, printmaker & photographer who has recently added the pressure-sensitive stylus to her array of drawing tools.
Doorway Image Linda Lanese
Works in acrylic paints and medium gels, computer graphic design, sculpture, photography, and image manipulation..
Lynn Stowe Lynn Stowe
Digitally created and manipulated images from space art and fractals to cats and botanicals plus illustrations from fiction and poetry.
Doorway Image Mac Mc Lellan
a photographer putting pizazz, personality and emotion into his original photos of classic cars and other media via computer enhancement.
Doorway Image Marcus Moura
Digital images (computer modified photographs), fractal landscapes, and compositions on instrumental music. The Web's Poem Project: a poetry interactive exercise for allworld's webnauts.
Doorway Image Mario Madriz
Surrealist photography inspired by Guatemalan culture and traditions.
Doorway Image Michael Ryals
Photographic Transformations...
Doorway Image mkl
is an awesome hacker who is an inventor. He's into creating all sorts of electronic tools and jewelry and is into embedded systems that do amazing things.
Doorway Image Nidia Palomo
Digital images composed from photos and drawings...
Doorway Image Rudolf Kinsky
presents a collection of photo collages, traditional photography, digital paintings and 3D renderings.
Doorway Image Saelon Renkes
Black & White and Hand-Colored Photographs...
Doorway Image Simran Gleason
presents "Enfolding Perspectives and other little Internet art shows," a collection of photocollage, and charcoal and pastel landscapes, self portraits, and masks.
Doorway Image Tom Coffin
documents his virtual reality application entitled "PushPop". There are also many different shows to check out. This colorful imagery is awesome.
Doorway Image Troy Bennet
shares two exhibits of his work, "References to Madness" colorful digital Psychodromes and, "Silence of Light" tranquil poetic b&w photographs.