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Hi Ivani:-)!

It was a pleasure to find another brazilian in this list. Welcome!
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From: Ivani Santana <>
Date: Terça-feira, Agosto 10, 1999 10:51
Subject: Re: de-corporalize me

>I´d like to introduce me: My name is Ivani Santana,I´m choreographer,
>dancer and research dance-techology (master degree of fine arts PUC-SP).
>It´s a pleasure to talk with you.
>But sorry, my english is terrible.
>Well, robert said:
>> That is, there is interesting and important work going on, and, yes, with
>> interesting connotations, but Ive never been a fan of unnecessary jargon.
>> Dance and technology has enough of a problem living up to hyped-up
>> expectations, without this stream of new words adding to excitement.
>I agree, we don´t need unnecessary jargon. This is not important. We
>don´t need to know how to call. But why to call? what does it (dance
>technology) mean? does the images of biped convey the proprieties of
>the body? why dance "tecnhology", isn´t the technology always in our
>life, in the history of art, of dance? isn´t the speech a sophisticated
>technology in our life? ... So many questions and we are just begining
>this trip
>But, maybe it´s normal this impulse to find what really it is.
>I´ve been thinking why many artistis are so worry about the body, not
>only dancers and choreographers, but almost all kinds of artists.
>Maybe because the human beens need to understand themselves in this
>digital rivers (as Dawkins said), to understand their body (full body,
>brain and legs and limbs and feet and knee and etc - not a cartesian
>body) and so, they could understand what is happen.
> até logo a todos!
>Ivani Santana
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>Programa de Comunicação e Semiótica
>São Paulo Brazil
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