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I´d like to introduce me: My name is Ivani Santana,I´m choreographer,
dancer and research dance-techology (master degree of fine arts PUC-SP).
It´s a pleasure to talk with you.
But sorry, my english is terrible.

Well, robert said:

> That is, there is interesting and important work going on, and, yes, with
> interesting connotations, but Ive never been a fan of unnecessary jargon.
> Dance and technology has enough of a problem living up to hyped-up
> expectations, without this stream of new words adding to excitement.
I agree, we don´t need unnecessary jargon. This is not important. We
don´t need to know how to call. But why to call? what does it (dance
technology) mean? does the images of biped convey the proprieties of
the body? why dance "tecnhology", isn´t the technology always in our
life, in the history of art, of dance? isn´t the speech a sophisticated
technology in our life? ... So many questions and we are just begining
this trip
But, maybe it´s normal this impulse to find what really it is.
I´ve been thinking why many artistis are so worry about the body, not
only dancers and choreographers, but almost all kinds of artists.
Maybe because the human beens need to understand themselves in this
digital rivers (as Dawkins said), to understand their body (full body,
brain and legs and limbs and feet and knee and etc - not a cartesian
body) and so, they could understand what is happen.

até logo a todos!

Ivani Santana

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