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I'm a choreographer born in Rio de Janeiro, now living both in Rio and in
NY, where I'm working with the Laban/Bartenieff Movement Institute and with
Ballet Hispanico of NY. In Rio, I direct my dance company for the last 19
years ( the Regina Miranda Actors and Dancers Company), with whom I've been
working a new piece that has Internet collaborations. These collaborations
came in the form of poems, shared dreams and experiences, exchange of emails
on the subject of the piece and I have some movement phrases coming in soon.

The work, now named GHAZAL ( formerly "Virtual Dervishes"), was supposed to
open in Rio in September, but , since the theatre where it is going to be
performed, Teatro Sergio Porto, is under renovation, it was postponed to
December 16. So, if anyone still feels the desire to collaborate, but
thought it was too late, please write and let's discuss the possibilities.

On the other hand, answering the article placed on the list about
collaborations for the Movement Research journal issue about dance and tech,
I've submit the possibility of an article about this first experience of
sharing my creative process with people that I don't even know and that
don't know me either! For this, I proposed to send an article that, aside
from my experience, would also include statements of the people that are
collaborating with me. I think this may encourage other people to do the
same. For me , I can say in advance, it has been an inspiring experience.

Sincerely, Regina
PS specially to the "Brazilians in the list": My welcome to the third
one!:-); I'm curious about what you do and where do you live and would find
it interesting if we could collaborate...

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>There is even a third Brazilian in the list!
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>> Hi Ivani:-)!
>> It was a pleasure to find another brazilian in this list. Welcome!
>> Regina
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>> >Hello,
>> >
>> >I´d like to introduce me: My name is Ivani Santana,I´m choreographer,
>> >dancer and research dance-techology (master degree of fine arts PUC-SP).
>> >It´s a pleasure to talk with you.
>> >But sorry, my english is terrible.
>> >
>> >Well, robert said:
>> >
>> >> That is, there is interesting and important work going on, and, yes,
>> >> interesting connotations, but Ive never been a fan of unnecessary
>> >> Dance and technology has enough of a problem living up to hyped-up
>> >> expectations, without this stream of new words adding to excitement.
>> >>
>> >I agree, we don´t need unnecessary jargon. This is not important. We
>> >don´t need to know how to call. But why to call? what does it (dance
>> >technology) mean? does the images of biped convey the proprieties of
>> >the body? why dance "tecnhology", isn´t the technology always in our
>> >life, in the history of art, of dance? isn´t the speech a sophisticated
>> >technology in our life? ... So many questions and we are just begining
>> >this trip
>> >But, maybe it´s normal this impulse to find what really it is.
>> >I´ve been thinking why many artistis are so worry about the body, not
>> >only dancers and choreographers, but almost all kinds of artists.
>> >Maybe because the human beens need to understand themselves in this
>> >digital rivers (as Dawkins said), to understand their body (full body,
>> >brain and legs and limbs and feet and knee and etc - not a cartesian
>> >body) and so, they could understand what is happen.
>> >
>> > até logo a todos!
>> >
>> >Ivani Santana
>> >
>> >PUC-SP Pontificia Universidade Catolica
>> >Programa de Comunicação e Semiótica
>> >São Paulo Brazil
>> >Fone (5511) 9183.6815
>> >Fax (5511) 524.4343
>> >
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