Re: de-corporalize me

Robert Wechsler (
Sun, 08 Aug 1999 22:10:52 +0200


There have of course been "animations" around for quite a long time. In
fact, popularized in cartoons, we all grew up with them. Now they are
being made on computers; they can look many different ways, and perhaps
most important, can be created without an artist's skill in rendering 3-d
images (ie. Merce did not have to draw all those animations himself). I
mean -- maybe I am missing something -- but why this sudden need for new
terminology? I certainly don't mean to belittle the art of choreography
for animation. It is one of a number of new ways to be a choreographer
(which include my own work as an artist).

That is, there is interesting and important work going on, and, yes, with
interesting connotations, but Ive never been a fan of unnecessary jargon.
Dance and technology has enough of a problem living up to hyped-up
expectations, without this stream of new words adding to excitement.



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