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Richard Lord (
Sun, 8 Aug 1999 01:03:16 +0100

>I am at a loss as to what to call dancing computer images and would also
>like your ideas. I find it difficult to call the images "dancers" as I
>have spent my life associating the term "dancers" to live bodies in
>motion. So what might be an alternative term?

With my project "Cyberkinesis" I have one human dancer and one computer
generated dancer (it's not humanoid, but has a body and limbs etc). I
refer to them both as dancers, and to the work as a duet. Seems to me
that if they're dancing then they're dancers. However, I agree that this
isn't very specific, so I often refer to them individually as

the human dancer and the digital dancer
the human dancer and the cyber-dancer
the real dancer and the virtual dancer

Although, as the digital dancer becomes more intelligent and develops a
character of its own, it is more often refered to by it's nickname of
"the bug", and since the dancer is called Enid the two are now most often
refered to as

Enid and the bug

With my web projects, I call the dancers as follows:

Progressive 2 - a dancer
Lifeblood - the dancers
Burnt Cinders - the windows
Brownian Motion - dancers and armchairs

The latter is interesting because the chairs move as much as the
humanoids, but while I refer to the latter as dancers I can't bring
myself to refer the former as dancers - dancing chairs is as close as I


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