Re: New web dance

Richard Lord (
Thu, 22 Jul 1999 12:06:02 +0100

Nick - Thank you for the feedback. Criticism is hard to take, but
valuable. ;-)

As I've always said, the web dances are sketches of ideas. They are also
unfunded (well, funded by my personal earnings designing web sites for
other people). I've never (yet) applied for funding for any web dances,
having much more important (to me) live choreography projects to raise
funding for. Maybe one day... If I ever do apply for funding for a web
dance, it will be for something much richer, more engaging, and evolved a
whole lot further than these sketches. At the moment I'm trying things
out. Some work and some don't. And some are more readily accepted as
dance than others.


>Richard makes some moving squares and calls it dance. Why is this
>annoying? Not because he calls it dance, but because adoption and
>support of online cyber-art in the dance vein, regardless of its
>artistic quality, is a threat to conventional dance projects which are
>of higher quality. If Richard gets funding and support for his crappy
>moving squares from a dance agency because they're wowed by the online
>cyber dance angle, it means some hard-working choreographer working in
>a not-currently-fashionable area is getting funding applications